Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shock Art

The most common question when looking at Natalia Edenmont's photography is 'hmm...I wonder how she did that?" The most frequent answer? She kills the animals for her art. I wonder if that's true...

Some call it art, most are outraged. Sounds like a fine example of shock art to me. She says she kills these animals, we believe her, we get upset. Mission accomplished. She is now becoming a celebrity. Whether she does or does not kill the animals for her photography, she has guaranteed her place in art history despite the fact that her images are empty and fluffy. I bet PETA will have a grand old time with her, should she venture to America, eh?

The question that comes up over and over again when in discussion with my friends , is 'what is art?' Here again, with Natalia's work, we are challenged to define the meaning and purpose of "art". There are always a fair amount of egotists with a bag full of charisma and tricks who manage to couch-surf their way to fame. There are the tortured souls constantly exorcising their demons. There are classically trained artists and color-by-number artists and people who should have just never picked up a pencil to begin with. And then, we have the shock artists. Nice play, Natalia!